2020 Spring/Summer Photo Schedule
Pictures will be taken at Richter Field
Note – times are subject to change. Your coaches will communicate any updates.
Photo TimeAge Group Team NameCoach
9:00 AMT-Ball Dinger Kurt Dinger
9:10 AMLittle LeagueBartolowitsDoug Bartolowits
9:20 AMT-Ball Bailey Joe Bailey
9:30 AMT-BallRowe Tom Rowe
9:40 AM8U SP Softball Bruno Steve Bruno
9:50 AMT-Ball LaGamba Dan LaGamba
10:00 AM12U FP SoftballTitans Jim Krummert
10:10 AMT-Ball Grimes Mike Grimes
10:20 AMT-Ball Seger Toby Seger
10:30 AMRookie Kroll Joe Kroll
10:40 AMRookieSteigerwaldJared Steigerwald
10:50 AMRookie Stahler Mark Stahler
11:00 AM8u SP Softball D Hymowitz Dave Hymowitz
11:10 AM10u SP Softball R Hymowitz Rachel Hymowitz
11:20 AMRookie Danka Jesse Danka
11:30 AMT-Ball Lorence Dave Lorence
11:40 AM8u SP SoftballGates Andrew Gates
11:50 AMT-Ball Santini Jim Santini
12:00 PM10U FP SoftballBeatty Nick Beatty
12:10 PMT-Ball Bodle Chris Bodle
12:20 PMInstructionalBrooks Tim Brooks
12:30 PMInstructional Crawford Mike Crawford
12:40 PMInstructional Steigerwald Jeff Steigerwald
12:50 PMInstructional Rupert Team 1 Ritch Rupert
1:00 PMInstructional Rupert Team 2Ritch Rupert
1:10 PMInstructionalKlapach Joe Klapach
1:20 PMFarmPavlik Dave Pavlik
1:30 PMFarm Griffin Matt Griffin
1:40 PMFarm Belajac Sean Belajac
1:50 PM
2:00 PMLittle League O’Brien Rich O’Brien
2:10 PMLittle LeagueMurrayPat Murray
2:20 PM
2:30 PM
2:40 PM