Hey Team SALL!

We hope this finds you all safe and healthy.

Good news, we have Township only field permits and are scheduled to start our season. Unfortunately school fields are still off limits, we will NOT be able to use Burchfield for practice or games. We are asking that you please stay off those fields indefinitely.

Our Season will Start  Monday June 8th and end August 7th or sooner relative to age group.

Coaches Meeting and Equipment pick-up will be Saturday June 6th, Richter Field at 10am. Parents please notify your coaches if you are opting out of the 2020 season. Coaches please have a list of kids who are not playing with you at the meeting. Unfortunately we are going to have to deal with shuffling teams around.

Families who are playing in 2020:

1.       Season will be from 06/08 – 08/07 (Games can Start 06/22) End of Playoff 08/07

2.       Must sign waiver from Township Attached (Kids and Coaches)

3.       Follow our SALL 2020 Healthy Play Guidelines Attached

4.       Free Fall Ball

Couple things I wanted to highlight here. Before we can step on the field for practice we must have a signed waiver for the township. Also the board has chosen to let you play into the fall for no additional cost.

Families who are opting out of 2020:

1.       The SALL $5000 Dollar Raffle will go on as planned for Labor Day Weekend. Your $50 Fundraising fee will be Re-payed with (6) $10 Raffle tickets for your Family to sell.

2.       100% of your Registration Dollars only can be forwarded to 2021.

3.       Your Coach needs to Know by 06/06 if you are opting out of 2020.

4.       Registration Refunds will be given By Saturday 06/13. All refunds after this Date will be given as Credits to the 2021 Season.

We need your coach to know if you are playing or not by Saturday 06/06 at the coaches meeting.

I want to commend the SALL board for the all the hard work we have put in these last two months. I am proud of this team, proud of the work, and proud to be a member of Team SALL!

I am sure there are plenty of questions and we want to do our best to answer them all. Please feel free to reach out to me and or any other Board member.

I’ll see you on the Diamond!



Dave Hymowitz
President Shaler Area Little League