Good Morning Team SALL: 
We hope this finds you safe and healthy. 
I wanted to take a moment to let everyone know we are strongly committed to making sure we play Baseball and Softball this year, any way we can. 
In these most uncertain times, many of us don’t know what tomorrow brings. However, we do know that Baseball/Softball is something that brings us together and something we can rally behind. A commonality we share with our friends, family, neighbors and community. For many of us, Baseball/Softball is the definition of Spring and Summer. The smell of fresh cut grass or the sound of a ball hitting a mitt can take us all to a familiar place. So, what we can be certain of is that Baseball/Softball needs to be played and that Baseball/Softball wants to be played. We are doing everything in our power to make sure Baseball/Softball is ready when the time comes. 
Right now, there are too many parts of our season that cannot be defined. Instead of planning for the unknown, we are electing to wait to further plan until things become known and more information is available. We will wait to follow the lead of our community leadership, our school systems, as well as our state and local governments before we move forward with anything else. That means all upcoming events are postponed until further notice. Field Day and Equipment Day are indefinitely postponed, also we just cannot have organized practice of any kind. Please understand that we are monitoring the situation closely, and the moment that we can proceed, we will let everyone know. We are COMMITTED to a Spring/Summer Baseball/Softball season. 
Baseball/Softball is something we can look forward to. Baseball/Softball is something that we can practice while we are at home and get excited about without even having to being on the field. Please let us all pause for moment while we take care of our families, friends and community. We know Baseball/Softball is going to be here for us when we are ready.
The moment that we know anything more, we will update everyone accordingly. I am always available for questions or concerns, please feel to reach out! 
Stay Safe and we will see you soon! 


Dave Hymowitz
President Shaler Area Little League