Once again, you can apply to receive assistance towards Registration fees for the upcoming season through T-Mobile.  I have attached the link below (you may need to copy and paste into your internet browser).  Please note that your child needs to meet certain criteria to be eligible for this grant.  SALL also provides assistance to families each year.  If you do not meet the requirements of the T-mobile grant but still wish to be considered for assistance, please reach out to me at registrar@shalerareall.com.  All requests are kept confidential.


Please note that our registration fees may say $47 for Tball but it doesn’t include a $3 processing fee that you get charged during registration.  So, when you apply for assistance, please make sure to include that charge as well.  In this case, you would request $50.  Do not request money for the $50 fundraising fee.  If you need assistance with that cost, we can review as a League and remove that cost for you.  Just email me that you are receiving a grant for the season and then we can discuss the fundraising fee.  Last season, T-mobile sent money directly to us.  This year, they are going to supply each grant recipient with a Debit card that they can then use to pay the registration fee during the online registration process.