Parents, thank you for signing your child up for Shaler Area Little League this year.  We are excited the kids are finally on the fields. Beyond our in-house program, there are many opportunities for the children in this organization which we want all families to be aware of as early as possible.

Despite the fact that we are a Little League Chartered organization, there are no Little League sanctioned tournaments this year. However, in addition to the Little League Sanctioned events, SALL fields some of the most competitive community organization based tournament teams in the area.  Unfortunately, with the Covid delays, that will also look a little different this year.  Instead of having a summer tournament season, SALL is looking to have a fall tournament season.  We will host tournaments if we have permission from the Township, have enough interest from teams and parents and if we feel it is safe to do so based on the guidelines available this Fall.  We will also look to enter our teams in other local events.  Unfortunately, this may conflict with other fall sports which will impact how many players are available and whether or not we can field teams at each age.

There are opportunities for children in Baseball and Softball beginning at the 7 year old age level.  Baseball has typically been able to field 1-2 teams at each age group from 7U through 12U and sometimes even older.  These teams only include players at that age rather than a multi-year age level (for example:  there is a 7U team and an 8U team even though those ages play together during the in-house season).  Please keep in mind, these tournament teams will remain with the standard May 1 age cutoff date.  Softball has typically fielded teams at 8U and 10U Slow Pitch and 10U and 12U Fast Pitch.  These teams are typically selected after a tryout in the spring season and the teams remain together for an entire year.  This year, the teams will be selected based on coach evaluations and board decisions because field time for tryouts is difficult this year.  Practices will start in August and tournaments will be during September and October.  Many teams in the past have decided to play in some type of indoor tournament in late winter which gives the kids an opportunity to stay at a hotel together, but other teams have decided that does not fit with their other commitments.  It is up to each tournament team to decide.  These teams remain under the SALL insurance and can continue to work together to develop their skills and friendships on a more regular basis.  Committing to one of these teams means you are able to fully commit to the team over Fall Tournament season period.

If your child has interest in a tournament team, but is concerned about the commitment the Fall and/or prefers to play a different sport, they can also request to be listed as an alternate who can be called in to play if there is a team who ends up being short on players for a weekend.  There is no guarantee for games in this situation, but, over the course of a tournament season, issues do come up and a team is often looking for an alternate player.  If a child signs up to play and is selected on a tournament team, but then notes that they will miss events, that player may be replaced by an alternate who either 1. Signed up to be an alternate or 2. Was not selected for a team.

It remains the goal of SALL to provide as many opportunities for as many children as possible.  We are hopeful to have multiple teams at as many age levels as possible.  To make sure your child is considered for the evaluations, please let the organization know by emailing your coach and Ritch Rupert ( no later than July 10 if they want to be considered for a tournament team.  Please include in the email your child’s name, their birth date and your schedule availability this fall.  Selections will occur the following week.

Please speak with a Board member or your coach if you have any questions.

SALL Board