Hello all-

It’s that time of year when we are looking for new people who want to get more involved with the league.  Each year, we need to elect a new Executive Board.  If you have an interest in a Board position, this is your chance.  Each October we elect a new Executive Board – President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary.  To be eligible for election, you need to acquire 25 signatures from families in good standing (played this past Spring and paid their balance owed).  You can email me separately if you want the signature form.

We also have 12 appointed positions that have voting rights for the League:
Slow Pitch Softball Commissioner
Fast Pitch Softball Commissioner
Tball, Rookie, Instructional Baseball Commissioner
Farm, Little League Baseball Commissioner
Pony, Colt Baseball Commissioner
Baseball Equipment Manager
Softball Equipment Manager
Ways and Means / Asst. Treasurer
Concessions Manager
Field Manager
Social Media / Website Manager

After elections in October, the new Board will be in place for November, which is the start of our League year.  I have attached a document that outlines each position’s guidelines within the Board but there are many times where we each step up to help others out.  This also may not list everything that we do as a Board but it covers the majority of our duties.  We are always looking for good people to join us, especially parents with younger kids who will be with us several years to help shape the future of our organization.

Let me know if you have any questions or you can speak with a current Board member (contact info listed on Sports Connect and our league website – www.shalerareall.com).