2020 Season Heathy Play Guidelines

Due to Covid19, SALL board has come up with a set of heathy play guidelines to help facilitate a safer environment for all of our player fans and volunteers.


  • Coaches Players & Spectators shall keep to Social Distancing Standards whenever possible, including practices as well as game play.

  • A General No Touching Rule should Apply, Coaches to kids as well as Kids touching other kids.

  • Hand Sanitizer and Disinfecting wipes available in the Dugouts all season long

  • We would like to limit practices to one family member or to immediate family only and we ask that the non-participating family members stay near their vehicle.

  • All Concession Stand workers shall wear necessary protective equipment while prepping food. Additionally, concessions may not be open when the season starts depending on the distancing guidelines from the state and federal governments at the time.

  • If you’re Sick Stay home, in the 2020 season its best to keep the coughs sneezes and running noses to a minimum while on the field. Coaches will ask players who shows signs of a cold or illness to go home to rest.


  • No Sharing of individual player equipment will be allowed for the 2020 Season as well as all Communal or Team Equipment shall be sanitized before use.

Game Play:

  • No Food will be permitted in the Dugouts during games or Practices and we ask all water to have the child’s name clearly shown or kept with parents in general. No Team Snacks as well.

  • Limiting the number of kids to the first half of the batting order, in the dugout at a time. We will allow children to sit away from the Dugouts while they are not on the field or actively participating in the game.

  • We would like to limit game viewership to Immediate Family members only.

  • We recognize that Fist bumping and Handshakes are a valued show of sportsmanship after games however they are no longer recommended. We ask the kids to stand on the sidelines and give a tip of the hat to your opponent.

  • Maintaining Social distancing standards for game play wherever possible.